We are looking for new board members to begin Fall 2023.

 Please e-mail christine@his-oc.org for more information.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a dynamic group that has guided the direction of our organization. They are committed to expanding our reach, innovating our programs, and ensuring all the people we serve have access to the tools and resources needed. 100% of the Board of Directors made financial contributions to support the work of Homeless Intervention Services Orange County. Thank you to our Board of Directors for the commitment they have shown to families we work with and our team.

Christine Stellino

Executive Director

Libby Shroeder


Barbara Buckley

Vice Chair

Julie Suchard


Amanda Gaskin


Patrick Young

Charity’s Closet Representative

Teri Burns

Board Member

Marcella Hernandez

Board Member

Tammy Kent

Board Member

Bob Mooney

Board Member

Bill O’Connell

Board Member

Lionel Parrales

Board Member

Debye Payne

Board Member

Jennifer Zerbst

Board Member

Our supporters make our work possible. We understand the importance of having a diverse funding base. We utilize a balanced approach to fundraising by pursuing government, corporate, foundation, and individual contributions to implement our programs and services. Review our financial information to learn more about how we’re helping the homeless and improving our community.

Annually, a financial audit is completed by an independent auditor.