Our Story

Our Mission

Homeless Intervention Services of Orange County supports people to overcome homelessness and achieve independence.

Our Vision

Everybody has a place to call home, a life that is meaningful and a sense of belonging.

Our Story

From Farmhouse to HIS House to Homeless Intervention Services of OC

Our story began in 1989. The Placentia Presbyterian Church bought a large farmhouse which was situated about a hundred yards from the church. The good people of the church were not sure how to use the building until one member encountered a homeless family, with a pregnant mother, living in a park and couldn’t stand the thought of them spending another night on the streets. The homeless family was invited to stay at the farmhouse.  The farmhouse became HIS House and opened its doors as a mission of the Placentia Presbyterian Church. 

As time went on, our organization became a refuge for our residents, a safe place where homeless individuals and families could turn their lives around and move towards a life of self-sufficiency. We added to the main house and designed a 4-6 month program to help families rebuild their lives.  In many instances families came to us broken and parents needed to reunify with their children.   We provided the tools to help them get back on their feet and we guided them through the healing process to come back together as a family. 

Today the family program which we now call the Transitional Housing Program has expanded to house 54 people and helps families find their way back to their own way home. Over the years, the Transitional Housing program has helped thousands of families to overcome homelessness and obtain self-sufficiency.

In 2019 it became clear that the needs of our community were expanding and folks needed more help. We knew our house — HIS House — needed an addition. Three more additions, in fact. And so in 2020, we added three new programs:


A HIS-OC Program

A program for young men addressing their specific education, job-training, and transitional housing needs

HomeShare OC

A HIS-OC Program

A matching program pairing homeless college students with local seniors so that both parties can thrive and assist each other in a shared home

Housing Connection

A HIS-OC Program

A networking and referral program for people who need services other than, or in addition to, transitional housing


Recent Developments

Now, 2020 turned out a little different than we all planned but we found ways to forge on. With a lot of support from our community and donors and more than a little elbow grease, our house is not just one farmhouse offering shelter to a few families. It’s more. The cozy yellow and green house is still here, but it’s bigger, stronger, better, and brighter than ever before, with room and services to assist the growing number of people who need us. Without picking up a hammer, we’ve added to the structure of HIS House. And because we are now more than just a house, we have changed our name to Homeless Intervention Services of Orange County and acquired our own 501c3 status. We’ve also brightened our color scheme to reflect the greater hope and expanded service we can now bring to the community. Come on in . . . the house is bigger.