Adriana’s Story

Adriana’s Story

Where am I going to sleep tonight?

That’s what Adriana assumed her three kids would be thinking about at school – instead of focusing on school work. That’s because Adriana had to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table.

Although Adriana had a full-time job, she was living out of her car with her three kids.

Can you imagine working full-time and not being able to provide basic necessities, like housing and food, for your kids?  Or being the kid worrying about where he’ll sleep at night?

“This place has been truly amazing for my family. I have so much hope. Because of HIS House, I have the skills needed to put my homelessness behind me forever.”

At HIS House, Adriana received the support services needed to rebuild her confidence. Within 30 days, Adriana found full-time employment. Today, she has paid off her debt and saved enough money to provide stability for her children the way she always hoped to.

Because of you, homeless individuals and families get a second chance to start a whole new life – one filled with hope. Thank you for your compassion!