Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s Story

Seven months ago, when Ashley arrived at HIS House, her life was in shambles. Her past was a chaotic mess of failed relationships, job loss, and homelessness. The despair weighed heavy on her, and she kept searching for a way out of the mess of her life.

Ashley needed a community and a program, like HIS House, to fix all that was broken in her life.  She knew she had to provide her children with a safe place to sleep, a warm bed, and hot meals to eat. She was desperate.

“To all the staff and donors, I want to say an extra special thank you! I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help. I have so much hope. I know that when we leave here we are not going to be homeless.”

At HIS House, Ashley finally found what she had been looking for – stability and peace. She was given the chance to stretch her wings and find out what she is capable of.  She discovered she is made of much more than she thought she was, that she has value and worth and that she can stand on her own.

“The Case Managers saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself. I have saved money and learned how to use it wisely. I am a better mother to my children. And, most importantly, I am focused on a better, brighter future for my kids.”

Since completing the program, Ashley found a good job and is able to provide for her kids. She has left her tumultuous life behind and hasn’t looked back. Today, her hopes and dreams for the future are renewed.

You have been there every step way for individuals, like Ashley. Without you, she would still be lost, which is why your gift matters so much. Every day there are men, women, and children who much like Ashley, walk through the doors of HIS House feeling like there’s no hope. But because of you and your support, help and hope are waiting for them.