Christopher’s Story

“The kids make my job fun and less like work.” Christopher started out with us as a childcare intern while he was getting his BS in Human Services at Cal State University Fullerton. He fell in love with the program and loved working with the kids. After his internship he was hired on as a … Read more

Maggie’s Story

“This program doesn’t just help students traumatized by homelessness and housing insecurities, but also a benefit for older homeowners –especially those living alone–ward off isolation.” Maggie was feeling isolated from everyone due to COVID. She also strongly believes in education for housing insecure students. She was interested in our HomeShare OC program to help students … Read more

Mary’s Story

“I will always be grateful for the opportunity that HIS-OC has given me to put my life back together and have my kids in my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more. So blessed!” Mary was misdiagnosed by her psychiatrist and was given the wrong medications for 3 years. She feared she was going to … Read more

Crystal’s Story

“Being homeless is not easy and the home share program has relieved a lot of the anxiety I had when living in my vehicle.” Crystal became homeless her freshman year of college. She lived in shelters, slept on friend’s couches, in emergency housing, and her car. But she knew that these things were only a … Read more

Russ’s Story

I would like to start off by saying how grateful and thankful I am to have been accepted into HIS-OC. This place has really changed me and my kid’s lives for the better and it has brought us closer as a family and for that, I am so very thankful. I thank God each and … Read more

Bridgette’s Story

In 2016, Bridgette packed up her three children and drove across the country to Southern California. She was fleeing a very toxic marriage and the pain and hurt she felt. All they had was their car and a trash bag full of clothes. They had no relatives and nowhere to go. After a few months, … Read more

Clarissa’s Story

Before Clarissa came to HIS House, her life was in shambles. She was lost in addiction. Clarissa tried to get clean many times. But, each time, she failed. Clarissa had so many reasons to want to numb herself from the pain, including a traumatic childhood and a series of abusive relationships. When she found her … Read more

The Richardson’s Story

It takes a village to raise a family. HIS House is that village to many. The Richardson parents had worked hard to support their family but when one of them lost their job, their world turned upside down. No longer able to pay rent, the family was evicted from their apartment without a place to … Read more