Bridgette’s Story

Bridgette’s Story

In 2016, Bridgette packed up her three children and drove across the country to Southern California. She was fleeing a very toxic marriage and the pain and hurt she felt. All they had was their car and a trash bag full of clothes. They had no relatives and nowhere to go.

After a few months, Bridgette was able to find a job and save up some money. But things didn’t pan out as planned.

Bridgette and her children spent time at another shelter. Things were looking up once again. She was receiving acknowledgment and bonuses at her new job, her kids were adjusting to school, and she even enrolled in community college.

But after two years, she found herself homeless once again. Here she was starting her first semester at college, with three children who had regained a sense of stability, and now calling their car home. They were all devastated.

She knew she needed to break the tragic cycle of homelessness. And she was determined to give her family a stable home, no matter what.

She knew she needed help but she didn’t know what to do. So Bridgette found HIS House which changed their lives forever.

“With the help and guidance of the staff, I was able to let go of the bitterness and frustration of my past. I was able to focus on my children.

With the help of the amazing staff, supportive peers, and a heart full of hope, Bridgette slowly began to regain control of her life physically, emotionally, and mentally.

At HIS House, Bridgette was able to gain full-time employment, and focus on her studies. She learned the skills to be a better mother and her kids thrived at our shelter.

Bridgette even made the Dean’s List at Fullerton College with a 3.5 GPA. Way to Go Bridgette!!!!!

“Everyone at HIS House will have a lasting imprint on our hearts. We cannot thank the HIS House staff or supporters enough.”

Thanks to you Bridgette and her kids have found their forever home. Your support really does help to change the world, one family at a time.