Clarissa’s Story

Clarissa’s Story

Before Clarissa came to HIS House, her life was in shambles. She was lost in addiction. Clarissa tried to get clean many times. But, each time, she failed.

Clarissa had so many reasons to want to numb herself from the pain, including a traumatic childhood and a series of abusive relationships.

When she found her and her son living out of her car, she realized she was running out of chances. She knew her life had to change. That’s when she heard about HIS House.

Six months later, Clarissa is a completely different woman. With the help of her Case Manager, she was able to address the issues that led to her addiction and homelessness.

“It is so freeing to not have to live life as the person I was before I came to HIS House. I’m no longer that addicted woman who did all those horrible things. Living a sober lifestyle has allowed me to become the best parent I can be for my autistic son, Ivan.”

Getting to this place took a lot of hard work. In addition to the counseling she received, Clarissa took life skills classes, financial education workshops, and parenting classes to learn how to have a healthy relationship with her son.

With the help of a career counselor, Clarissa was able to polish her resume. During her stay at HIS House, Clarissa was able to pay off over $8,000 in debt and save an additional $7,000.

“Thank you to everyone at HIS House for giving my son and I a second chance at a better life. I will forever hold HIS House and all the staff very close to my heart for all they have done for us.”

As you are reading this, Clarissa has a full-time job and has moved into an apartment of her very own. She is so excited to live life on her own again.

You helped Clarissa break the cycle of addiction, abuse and homelessness. Because of you, she has the chance to start a new life. Thank you for helping transform broken lives, like Clarissa’s. Your partnership is a blessing.