Eddie’s Story

Eddie’s Story

There’s no question Eddie is a hardworking man. Working a full-time job, he didn’t get much time for rest and relaxation. Despite working long hours and trying his best, he still could not make ends meet or afford enough food to put on the table.

As a result, Eddie fell behind on rent and was evicted from his apartment. With nowhere left to go, Eddie was living out of his car with his three kids. He knew he needed to find a better place to live to take care of his children. So, he came to HIS House.

“There’s a lot of things I’d say about HIS House. First and foremost, it’s an opportunity to start fresh. I’ve had the chance to rebuild my family. For that, I am forever grateful.”

Eddie found stability – a chance to address what led to homelessness – through the compassion and guidance of the staff at HIS House. Because HIS House keeps families together Eddie and his children are able to rebuild their lives and their relationships with each other. He is finally becoming the dad he wants to be and is looking forward to the future.

Within 30 days of the program, Eddie found full-time employment. He was able to increase his income and establish a savings of over $8,000. Today, he lives in an apartment with a place for his kids to sleep and a kitchen to cook them meals. Best of all, he has a positive new direction for his life.

Your support provides so much more than safe shelter and daily meals. For families like Eddie’s, your gift means the opportunity to start a brand-new life. Thank you for playing an invaluable role in the restoration of families like Eddie.