Frank’s Story

Frank’s Story

There are many reasons a person might become homeless. Not having a home tells only a small part of the story. At the heart of homelessness is a painful truth. Many come to us broken, beaten down, hurting and desperate.  At some point, the mental and emotional weight of life – the hopelessness and isolation – seem too great to face.

Understanding that homelessness is directly linked to poverty and total loss of social support, our Housing Navigator seeks to provide tangible hope, restoration, and trust-filled relationships with homeless individuals like Frank.

During a street outreach, our Housing Navigator came across Frank who was living at the Tri-City Park with his dog. Dogs have a way of comforting us during our toughest times. Dogs are some of the most empathetic, compassionate companions out there, and often help those who are struggling to get by. 

As a pickup location for the Fullerton Armory, an emergency shelter that is open during the winter months, we offered to escort Frank to our location in hopes that he would catch the shuttle to the armory that night. But Frank was stubborn because he did not want to leave his furry friend behind. Homeless people with pets will often resist moving into a shelter if they can’t bring their dog or cat.

However, our Housing Navigator persisted and worked one-on-one with Frank to identify his needs and develop a housing plan that will help get him into permanent housing as quickly as possible. Thanks to Frank’s employment, we were able to connect him to an agency and register his dog for emotional support.

While this certification is not cheap, his employment allows him to afford this opportunity and alleviates the issue of not wanting to enter a shelter. Today, Frank has hope that he will now be able to leave the cold of the streets. 

Your compassion offers more than support – it offers healing, connection, and a way back home. Thank you for helping restore hope to those who need it most.