The Neighborhood


The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is a steadfast and compassionate group of monthly givers. These folks are on a mission to end homelessness in Orange County.  They understand how helping a neighbor in a tough spot, helps not just that one person or family, but everyone in the neighborhood. It’s a little old school but they believe that when we help others in our community, the good comes back to us all. Joining The Neighborhood makes you part of the foundation of HIS-OC.  With your monthly donations, we can plan, add to our programs, and help more people in need.  Won’t you join The Neighborhood.  Our House is bigger and we need more folks like you. 

Join the Neighborhood - Monthly Giving

a month

Help us provide emergency food and supplies to people in need

a month

Help us match a homeless college student with safe place to live and continue their studies.

a month

Help us get a young person off the streets and into the safety of our shelter.

a month

Sponsor a family to get back to independent living.

Good Company

When you join The Neighborhood you’re in good company. You’ll be part of the effort to end homelessness in Orange County and you’ll get a few extras to keep you engaged and informed on the progress we make . . . together.

Receive recognition on our social media on our website (*with an option to opt-for anonymity).

Special invitation to our Annual Open House with our Board of Directors, staff and residents.

Help our residents on an ongoing basis. See how your generousity is being put to work with updates on our programs.