Jessica’s Story

Jessica’s Story

Jessica came to HIS House with a number of barriers preventing her from achieving permanent housing.

All Jessica knew was a life of addiction, pain, and homelessness. From a young age, this is the world Jessica was immersed in, the world that would shape her perspective and decisions growing up into adulthood and motherhood.

She became involved in one unhealthy relationship after another. With no stable ground to fall on, Jessica felt her life begin to unravel as she tried to hold everything together.

Growing up around drugs, Jessica wanted a different, better future for her and her kids.

At HIS House, Jessica found what she was looking for, but could never seem to find – stability, acceptance, and peace.

“Coming to HIS House was an amazing experience for my family. It was so nice to come to a home full of loving and caring people.”

During her stay at HIS House, she was able to find full-time employment, open a savings account and fix her credit. Jessica worked hard learning how to be a good parent for her three kids.

“The staff was always there to help me. I took parenting classes to help me break from the parental guidance I had growing up. I am determined to break that cycle.”

Now, Jessica has a safe, 3-bedroom apartment for her family. She has so much hope for the future.

To the donors, Jessica says “Thank you for all your support. It’s a tough program but it is worth it.”

Your generosity helps families, like Jessica’s, find their way out of homelessness and into a new life of hope. Thank you for your kindness and compassion!