Lauren’s Story

Lauren’s Story

Prior to coming to HIS House, Lauren lived in a state of constant worry and fear about where she and her two young girls would sleep at night. Amidst a life of chaos, Lauren had lost her job, before long, the money was gone.

It is often when parents have to face the potential of losing their children, that inspires them to get the help they need to overcome the cycle of homelessness. That is when Lauren came to HIS House.

“HIS House has been truly amazing for me and my family. Every staff member here cares more than I ever thought they would. This place has been truly amazing for me and my family. Thank you, HIS House and the donors, for all that you do!”

With a stable roof overhead, Lauren began to learn how to rebuild a healthy parent-child relationship. The transformation in Lauren’s relationship with her daughters has been incredible.

Today, Lauren is gainfully employed in a field she is excelling in, and she and her beautiful children have a safe place to call home. All that she learned and experienced at HIS House has given her newfound confidence, skills, and joy. She has hope that her children will live a better life than hers.

I don’t know what it’s like to win the lottery, but after completing this program, I believe I did! Here, they clothe you, feed you, put a roof over your head – even help you find a job.”

Because of your support, Lauren and other struggling people like her, find help and hope when they walk through the doors of HIS House. Lauren is well on her way to making a brand-new start. Thank you for restoring lives every day.