Nicole’s Story

Nicole’s Story

The road to HIS House wasn’t easy for Nicole. After she lost her job and got behind on rent, Nicole was evicted from her apartment. She felt helpless, lost and hopeless.

Without a safety net to catch her, she made her way to HIS House. She came to us broken and weighed down with unimaginable problems. She had no one to turn to and nowhere else to go. And we welcome families like hers with open arms.

At HIS House, Nicole felt the compassion and acceptance of our staff. Some of her burdens were lifted and she could finally catch her breath for the first time in months. She no longer had to worry about where her family was going to eat or where they were going to sleep. She had the opportunity to take time to think about the future.

“Honestly, coming to HIS House has been such a blessing. I am truly grateful for the stability that was provided for me and my boys.”

Not afraid of hard work, Nicole did what she needed to do to become financially stable. HIS House connected her with the appropriate resources to repair her credit, find a full-time job and build a sustainable family budget.

Today, Nicole has hope for the future – both for herself and her three boys. Your generosity makes a real and lasting difference. Your support makes it possible for struggling families in our community to find a place to escape to, a refuge of safety, shelter, warm meals, as well as the love and care provided by our staff.