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HomeShare/HomeShare PLUS


HomeShare OC is an intergenerational home-sharing program for students and senior homeowners. This program matches homeowners with available rooms to rent with college students needing affordable housing. 

This program is an innovative way of implementing affordable housing and offers additional benefits, companionship, bonding, and assistance with household chores and technology to help bridge the “Digital Divide” when older adults fall behind on the latest technology advancements. The HomeShare OC Program is a way to address the social-emotional needs and lack of affordable housing for both homeowners (55+) and eligible college students.

HomeShare PLUS

HIS-OC is expanding HomeShare OC to creatively pair families and individuals to meet income demands and create opportunities for all housing-insecure populations to attain housing. Today, HomeShare OC can be any combination of students, seniors, young adults, adult individuals, and families matched to get housed and stay housed.


Advantages of HomeShare/HomeShare PLUS
  • We create affordable, low-cost, safe housing opportunities for eligible participants 
  • Enhance participant’s financial and social well-being.
  • Holistic approach services for participants.
  • Eligibility requirements for all participants.
  • Provide mentoring services at no cost to all participants.
  • Provide ongoing support services while in the program.  
  • Monthly case management meetings 


Benefits of Home Sharing in the Community
  • Home sharing is a useful alternative for older people  to remain in their homes where they prefer.
  • Most people sharing their home feel safer having someone there instead of living alone.
  • Home sharing can be some of the most affordable housing anywhere!
  • Homesharing helps to decline loneliness and social isolation.
  • Today, social isolation and loneliness are identified as significant risks to mental and physical health.
  • Home sharing makes efficient use of lower housing stock.
  • Home sharing is a green alternative.
  • Home sharing is a housing solution to meet the needs of persons with varied economic and demographic backgrounds.
  • Home sharing breaks down barriers between generations and cultures.


Program Guidelines
  • Eligible college students need to be enrolled in college, have a 2.0, and be in-good standing with educational institutions.
  • A minimal cost per month in exchange for reasonable services to the homeowner.
  • Services would be a minimum of 5 hours of service exchange from the student per week. 
  • The program cannot serve individuals with current, untreated substance abuse problems.
  • Participants must have a level of emotional stability, which allows mutual interest and is involved in their living relationship. 
  • Participants should advocate for themselves and assume full responsibility for every step of the HomeShare O.C. program application process. 
  • Homeowners, as well as student responsibilities, are outlined in their Living Together Agreement. 
  • The agreements’ length is six months and can be extended to a longer-term if agreed upon by participants.
  • Students are not caregivers, and the homeowners are not guardians.
Get Involved with HomeShare OC


Mentors empower students to become independent learners and agents of their own future.


Consider helping to fund a college student's housing with a financial gift or sponsorship.


Give your time and expertise to help our student’s future and extra support.







HomeShare OC



How HomeShare OC Works

Co-living continues to evolve as it sheds the old notion of such accommodations as glorified dorm rooms with bunk beds, couch surfing, and over-crowded residences. Far from it. These days, co-living accommodations involve design-forward cohabitations with odd roommate situations; old and young is the new normal, according to new research. Home-sharing will be the new normal in the future.

The HomeShare OC Program is a way to address the social-emotional needs and lack of affordable housing for both homeowners (55+) and eligible college students. We understand that these two generations are not likely to intersect in a professional or personal environment, but both share these overlapping challenges. Home-sharing has the proven benefits of reducing housing and food insecurities, decreasing isolation and depression, and increasing the sense of belonging and purpose, and improving understanding and independence for all participants.