Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Before Sarah arrived at HIS House, she found herself in an emotionally unstable relationship, which soon escalated to physical abuse. She was a broken and battered woman, inside and out. She felt like there was no way out of the cycle of poverty, domestic abuse, and addiction. But she desperately needed a way out. 

The only way out was to pick up everything and leave. So, Sarah and her daughter left and didn’t look back. But they had nowhere to go.

Sarah knew she needed a community and a program, like HIS House, to fix all that was broken in her life. She wanted to give her daughter the mom she deserved. So, Sarah called HIS House. They were accepted into the home right away.

“HIS House provided me with the tools and resources I needed to regain self-sufficiency.”

At HIS House, Sarah finally confronted her past and the pain she had carried for years. She remained committed to her sobriety and was able to gain sole custody of her daughter. Within six months, Sarah paid off over $4,000 in debt and saved over $9,500.

Today, Sarah has decided to give back by working with the homeless population. She is getting ready to meet twin babies! Sarah is filled with joy and hope for her family’s future.

“My advice to anyone in the program is to take advantage of every moment. Stay focused, save as much as possible, and keep it moving!”

Sarah is extremely thankful for the kindness and generosity of our donors and staff – people who showed her and her daughter love and compassion when they needed it most. Your support helps bring healing to so many who have suffered through a painful past. Thank you for giving families hope for a better life!