The Richardson’s Story

The Richardson’s Story

It takes a village to raise a family. HIS House is that village to many.

The Richardson parents had worked hard to support their family but when one of them lost their job, their world turned upside down. No longer able to pay rent, the family was evicted from their apartment without a place to go. With mounting debt and no friends or relatives to turn to, the family’s only choice was to live in their car.

The parents struggled to provide even the most basic items for their kids, like food. Things were getting harder and harder and they were losing all hope. The parents were filled with feelings of worthlessness and shame when someone referred them to HIS House for help.

If not for HIS House, we would have been on the streets. We were so stressed out. We needed a miracle. HIS House was the answer.”

HIS House provided the Richardsons with everything they needed for their healing journey, including food, shelter, and afterschool tutoring. HIS House immediately surrounded the family with an entire support team of case managers, advocates, counselors, vocational training experts, and friends to address the root causes of their homelessness and give them hope.

With their kids safely cared for, the parents were able to focus on getting their family back on their feet. During their three month stay, they learned the skills needed to build up savings, improve their credit score, gain meaningful employment, and establish routines for their kids.

We are so happy to finally have our own place and to have some stability. But more than that, we are truly grateful to have a village in our corner, if we should ever need a word of advice or a helping hand.”

Thanks to you families, like the Richardsons, have hope for a better tomorrow. What you’re doing to help means a lot to everyone who is at HIS House.