Tom’s Story

Tom’s Story

Tom had made an epic mess of his life. From a young age, Tom began using drugs, and his addiction eventually sent him to jail. For 30 years, Tom’s life had veered around addiction to heroin and a life behind bars.

Before Tom came to HIS House, he was living in a garage – without a job, a car or hope. Eventually, Tom found his way to HIS House. He knew he needed assistance to turn his life around.

“I am so grateful for HIS House and the staff who helped me overcome addiction, become healthy and heal from past trauma. I came to HIS House for a fresh start. Every day is a blessing and my life has been a new beginning one day at a time.”

At HIS House, Tom’s life changed in dramatic ways. He found the restoration needed for him to rediscover his potential. The hardness he had built around himself fell away when his case managers showed him how to come to grips with his anger and attitude and make changes.

Today, Tom is proud to say that he has a car, a phone, and a place to live. He is attending a vocation technology school to allow him access to better job opportunities.

Every day Tom takes another step towards thriving in a life of sobriety and self-sufficiency. With your support, Tom was reminded that there was hope for his life and hope for the future. It’s why each gift means so much. It has the power to change lives.